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Notice of Accessibility

Duende is committed to providing a website that is accessible to a diverse audience, regardless of technology or ability. We endeavor to create digital accessibility not only within our site, but also, with the design projects we take on. This commitment requires deep learning which is why we are currently dedicating a significant amount of time to that process.

As of July 2021, all known outstanding accessibility issues with our site have been resolved. However, we are still always looking for ways to improve the usability and accessibility to all users of the site.


This website was designed for use in modern browsers and operating systems, with JavaScript enabled. Where possible, compatibility and fallbacks have been included to allow for viewing experiences outside of this specification. Full experience and functionality cannot be guaranteed when using browsers which are outdated by more than 3 major versions, or when using mobile operating systems more than 5 years old. To ensure device security and full web experience, it is recommended to use the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser whenever possible.

This website was designed to be compatible with a wide variety of screen sizes, types, and resolutions. However, a complete experience cannot be guaranteed in some uncommon use cases, including:

  • Resolutions less than 360px wide or smaller than 200px vertically.
  • Extreme aspect ratios, especially in portrait orientation.
  • Screens with extremely low refresh rates, such as e-ink or monochrome LCD screens.
  • Legacy display modes with reduced color gamut, such as 16-bit "High Color" RGB, 8-bit RGB, CGA/EGA, or monochrome 1-bit color.

Should you encounter any issues of compatibility outside of these scenarios which deliberately not supported, or if there is an assistive technology that requires support of one of these technologies, please contact us about it by e-mail at

Third-Party Content

This website links to third-party content hosted on external websites. This third-party content may or may not meet WCAG standards for accessibility to individuals with disabilities. We're currently exploring those limitations to identify better alternatives.

Contact Us

If you are unable to access any content or functionality available on our website, please email us at We will make reasonable efforts to address the issue, which may include providing you an alternative method(s) for obtaining the content, accessing the functionality, and/or fulfilling your request.